Spectral Serenity


Spectral Serenity is the physical manifestation of an internal call to surrender to the ancestral vibrations that Ifayomi was led to explore in an effort to redefine her self permanence and resilience.

Spectral Serenity was born out of the desire to resist the structural confines placed on marginalized identities and provide an accessible route to facilitating healing. With the use of music, art, meditative and reflective practices and especially drums, Spectral Serenity aims to re-awaken forgotten ancestral dialogues and redirect the focus toward re-imagining self expression and healing methods that center and uplift Black identities across spectrums.

Still in its early stages, the vision for these installations expand toward collectively building practical frameworks for a future that elevates the healer in every individual and inspires a propensity for joy.

I often feel I am trapped inside someone else's capability. I often feel I am trapped inside someone' else's imagination, and I must engage my own imagination in order to break free.” - Adrienne Marie Brown