Frequently Asked Questions


what is energy healing?

First, let us understand that everything is energy. Every thought and emotion has an energetic frequency, and every movement you make is powered by life force energy. In the event that these energies are stagnant, heavy, or low functioning, you are not in a full functioning state of wellness. This is where energy healing comes in, to bring you to optimal health; thriving not just surviving.

is it religious?

Energy has nothing to do with a religion. It is simply the actual truth of living energy that flows through every thing and person on this planet.

can it actually heal me?

Reiki and other energy based therapies absolutely jump start the body's natural healing process but should not be your primary choice of care if you are in need of medical attention. You will experience overall wellness with a plan that focuses on balancing the body, mind, and spirit.

do i have to sing in sound therapy?

No, as other sound tools are used, but it can be beneficial. Life energy passes through your vocal cords and aids in self expression. Emphasis is not on how you sound, but how you feel and being free to express yourself without self judgement.

what can i expect?

You may find inner peace, cry to release stagnant emotions, open up creative channels, have more vivid dreams, or simply become more mindful of yourself and your inner voice. The beauty is, energy will go where it needs to in these treatments whether you believe or not.