Ashley 'Ifayomi' Douglas, 

Ifayomi is deeply committed to aiding in the education and practice of wholistic healing for Black and marginalized bodies. As a Level II Reiki Practitioner and practitioner of African Traditional Spirituality,  she aims to help clients heal personal and ancestral trauma, explore the relationship behind the emotions they project, and facilitate the creation of healthy, thriving and sustainable  lifestyles and futures.

 Ifayomi's personal spiritual journey has given her great experience in mindfulness, energy work, stress management, and and mental health. She has partnered with numerous organizations to provide workshops and media for youth and women dealing in Self love, Self Care, Sexual Trauma, Healthy Body Image, and Intentional Living Practices under her Self Care Brand "Girl Lemme Tell You."

What you can expect from Ifayomi is an intentional and loving healing experience that reminds you that you are your own healer, that you are able, and that you are seen. 

If you are interested in speaking, workshop, or other opportunities or further information send an email to